Long Range Plan

Bodman Memorial Library Long Range Plan 2018-2021

Mission Statement:

The mission of Bodman Memorial Library is to provide an environment where lifelong learning skills are developed.

Vision Statement:

We strive to meet all of our patron needs with classes and access to emerging technologies that serve as a gateway to information in our library and around the world. We especially recognize our responsibility to serve as aplace for children to develop llifelong reading skills as well as the joy to dicsover reading and the value of libraries to our communities.


After identifying the issues critical to our mission and vision, the Board of Trustees developed realistic long-range goals and action plans to accomplish the mission. It is of utmost importance we at all times manage existing resources to achieve maximum benefits.

Our Long Range Goals

  1. Maintain a facility based on the changing role of the library and the needs of the community
  2. Provide products, programs, and services to meet the needs of the community. Increase staff development and a succession plan to continue to be able to provide the products, services, and programs
  3. Provide the latest technology appropriate for our library
  4. Increase awareness by marketing the library materials, products, services, and programs
  5. Increase financial support for the library
  6. Increase trustee involvement in and for the library
  7. Create succession plan

Goal 1:  Maintain a facility based on the changing needs of the community.
Objective:  Our patrons and visitors will feel comfortable and welcome.


1.1 Inspect, repair and maintain integrity of structure, including roof and foundation

1.2 Improve energy efficiency with insulation and dehumidification in cellar

1.3 Utilize village and surrounding sources for green energy

1.4 Continue to add dollars to the contingency savings account

Goal 2:  Provide products, programs, and services to meet the needs of the community. Increase staff development and create a succession plan to continue to be able to provide the products, services, and programs.


2.1 Continue to focus on sustainable materials, services and programs. Develop a plan with committee of trustees and friends to have a succession plan for when our experienced director may leave. Use NCLS for ideas and help. Budget for additional expense of training.

2.2 Expand or create programming for adults, story hours, young adult, and children

2.3 Partner with Indian River Central School District, pre-schools, the Indian River Central Youth Organization to provide programs and activities of interest

2.4 Evaluate our activities with community feedback through newsletter, Facebook, website, Google forum, and surveys

2.5 Continue to work with friends of the library to promote volunteers

Goal 3:  Provide the latest technology appropriate for our library.
Objective:  Fully support the technological foundation needed to bring the latest technological and informational resources to the community


3.1 Continue to monitor changing technology and add or upgrade resources and services; make E-reader devices available for library loan

3.2 Use staff and information from NCLS to stay current

3.3 Encourage staff to attend any seminar on technology through NCLS

3.4 Offer digital literacy courses to the community

Goal 4:  Increase awareness by marketing the library materials, products, services and programs.
Objective:  See an increase in number of people coming into the library and signing on as patrons


4.1 Use “Welcome Emails” through SIRSI to all new patrons. Send library information through village and town as new homeowners contract for utilities

4.2 Expand outreach delivery programs for trial period to day care operators

4.3 Review and revise all promotional material annually. Place brochures around. Promote use of meeting and meeting rooms.

4.4 Continue to create newsletter to be published two to four times a year and always include community events.

4.5 Seek information from village and legion for allowing larger signage directing people to library parking

4.6 Create “Focus Groups” with people from the community, to gather information on what the needs are, what the library can do to help.

Goal 5:  Increase financial support of the library
Objective:  Increase the number of people who think of the library as a valuable community asset and worthy of the financial support.


5.1 Provide information to funding partners of the library’s value

5.2 Make sure all newsletters and event information is sent to NCLS, and elected representatives of the local community

5.3 Work with Antwerp, Evans Mills, Theresa libraries to inform elected officials on relevant issues important to our smaller libraries

5.4 Encourage trustees, staff, and friends to participate in any NCLS seminar to enhance ability to serve as advocates for the library.

5.5 Actively participate in all pertinent local/county/state planning for funding in annual budgets

5.6 Acknowledge importance of school ballot funding.

Goal 6: Increase trustee and friend’s involvement in and for the library
Objective:  Ensure that trustees and friends support and take responsibility for this plan


6.1 Increase number of trustees within approved number. Select new trustees who are qualified and can complement board strengths, or fill a gap in areas now lacking in experience or skill

6.2 Educate trustees and friends on duties and responsibilities through NCLS and handbook for trustees and friends groups of NYS

6.3 New trustees will be given all library’s policies to review

Goal 7:  Create a succession plan
Objective:  Create a plan to have qualified individuals in place to offer uninterrupted service to the community


7.1 Increase budget to allow for additional staff training to accommodate smooth transition when director leaves

7.2 Seek information from NCLS as soon as any notice of leaving

The trustees and staff of Bodman Memorial Library want this library to be a place where the community can and will come together. We want to instill a sense of pride in everyone for this library. We want our community to see this library as a reflection of themselves and one way to do this is to gather support and have more community involved in the library.

Reviewed and revised January 2018.