MANGO LANGUAGES is now available to Philadelphia library card holders for free! Mango is the highest rated language-learning app in the app store as of January 2023. Mango will take you on an adventure with over 70 languages to explore. The intuitive design behind Mango helps build the most critical skills needed for true language learning. Practice a new language with Mango and we’ll have you learning it, and speaking it like a local so it sticks. Use this link to begin your journey. Click on “Sign Up” and follow the prompts to create your free account. You will need a library card to gain free access to Mango, and it must be a Philadelphia library card. All Philadelphia library cards begin with “11114”. If your card does not have these first 5 numbers and you live in Philadelphia please contact the library for a new card. This is a database that only Philly subscribes to, therefor it is only offered to residents of Philadelphia. Have FUN with It! Happy Learning 馃檪